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beginner team TEAM

Hello There! Please join us. And, Let's explore our passion!

Forum (58)

  1. Gioco piano - The ideas behind a sacrify massimilianoferri

  2. chess exercises - the pinning massimilianoferri

  3. visualization exercises massimilianoferri

  4. what a beginner must know to play a good chess game massimilianoferri

  5. Lezione di scacchi sulle aperture per esordienti massimilianoferri

  6. Youtube chess channel Classicler

    Eh I might need help on my study about chess strategies

  7. Hello willw155

    Hello, I am a beginner. On I am 1100 on blitz, here my rating is still provisional. Looking forward to getting better.

  8. Hello mhoshino

    I am a new member here. I am not a beginner though, it is first time to join a team.

  9. OPEN Topic Alihene


  10. I'm not a beginner! Alihene

    not much beginners on lichess

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