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beginner team TEAM

Hello There! Please join us. And, Let's explore our passion!

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  1. U1300 Bullet Bobkingmen3

    I will be hosting a U1300 Bullet tournament everyday at around 20UTC.

  2. Join my team for beginners. Teamname "Active Beginners" VikingLeo

    "Active Beginners" Join this new up and coming team. We are trying to get a team together, and do scheduled custom tournaments. We just did our first u1300 tourney, and hoping to do more in the fut

  3. rickrenegade

  4. Gioco piano - The ideas behind a sacrify massimilianoferri

  5. chess exercises - the pinning massimilianoferri

  6. visualization exercises massimilianoferri

  7. what a beginner must know to play a good chess game massimilianoferri

  8. Lezione di scacchi sulle aperture per esordienti massimilianoferri

  9. Youtube chess channel Classicler

    Eh I might need help on my study about chess strategies

  10. Hello willw155

    Hello, I am a beginner. On I am 1100 on blitz, here my rating is still provisional. Looking forward to getting better.

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