Battersea Chess Club

191 members

Formed in 1885, Battersea Chess Club is the oldest continually-existing chess club in London and a founder member of the British Chess Federation. We welcome new members of all ages and abilities.

Our first team play in the first division of the prestigious London Chess League, a competition which dates back to 1887, and we also field teams in the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th divisions. The club also has teams in various other London and Surrey leagues, as well as the 4NCL online.

This group is open to full members of Battersea Chess Club in London, friends, and those who have an association with the real-world club. To be accepted as a member, you will need to tell us your real name, and your connection with Battersea.


Battersea 7s - Duncan Suttles7+7 • Rapid • Rated5 rounds swiss
Battersea Sevens - the return7+7 • Rapid • Rated7 rounds swiss
Battersea Sevens - 20 July7+7 • Rapid • Rated1 rounds swiss
Battersea Sevens - 13 July7+7 • Rapid • Rated7 rounds swiss
Battersea Sevens - 6 July7+7 • Rapid • Rated3 rounds swiss