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5 members

Azuaga Youtube TEAM

Tournament points: 8,705

Team leader: azuaga

Best players

  1. azuaga
  2. noob2chess

Recent members

I will do entertainming videos .
maybe you can improve with them .
any suggestions are welcome.
Location: All the places

Forum (5)

  1. tournamet french opening azuaga

  2. crazyhouse LM Lance5500

    Thanks azuaga, good games and nice video.

  3. crazyhouse azuaga

    I share this video of crazyhouse playing with Lance (a great player and honest person). I hope you may learn and that you funny it

  4. blindfold chess azuaga

    my opponent played very well (The sound is some bad sometime)

  5. Azuaga Youtube forum lichess

    Welcome to the Azuaga Youtube forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

Azuaga Youtube Forum »