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We are the Antichessbrahs! Welcome to the team :)

If you have any Question about a Game or a Certain position. Please Post it here.

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  1. Tactical Puzzles cat_person

    Easy 1 1.a8-N Kxa4 2.Nb6 - 3.Na4 Kxa4# The trick is that whenever you have a knight which attacks an opponent's only piece which is not a pawn and can not move to another place attacked by your knig

  2. Self Appointed Master Fails Big cat_person

    I do not have access to Nilatac endgame database. It should be white win though..AM why do you know it is black win may I ask?

  3. Self Appointed Master Fails Big AM-Veriitas

    As you all know townes regards himself as "the real antimaster" yet he couldnt solve something as simple as this position. Starting from move 32. Black is winning.

  4. Tactical Puzzles Ali-Tarabein

    yes but who win?

  5. Tactical Puzzles AM-Veriitas

    lets take this for example White Ph4,f2 Black Pf7,h6 white = ph4, f2 black = pf7, h7 Ph4 = pawn on h4, f2 = pawn on f2 and for black side pf7 = pawn on f7 and h7 = pawn for h7 so yo

  6. Tactical Puzzles Ali-Tarabein

    veritas i dont understand ur puzzles there is not same with the pictures

  7. Tactical Puzzles Ali-Tarabein

    how i can make a editor game to play with my self to solve it?

  8. Tactical Puzzles Ali-Tarabein

    1 puzzle easy pawn take knight kingstake knight b6

  9. Tactical Puzzles AM-Veriitas

    You guys can use Board Editor on this Site to solve these puzzles on.

  10. Tactical Puzzles LM Lance5500

    Very instructive, thank you a lot.

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