Antichess volunteers

31 members
IAF sponsors
ACM @AbsitOmen

The members of this team will be able to run in the elections for President and Members of the IAF council

Only players who want to help the IAF

- through ideas expressed on forums
-Search for sponsors for IAF tournaments
-any other way to popularize antichess in the world

This title will be awarded extremely rarely, but through IAF sponsorship of at least $ 100 is obtained instantly
IAF sites

Compared to the non-cumulative LM title, a player has to choose if he has the LM title and another title for example NM,
in antichess if a player receives ALM and is for example AM, he keeps both titles.


Iaf popularizationSarangSule •

@ChangeOpening There are forum's on too. But most Antichess Players there are already playing on lichess.

Iaf popularizationChangeOpening •

@SoccerTan26 yes, agree to take care of the popularization among the weak players, we will have 2 teams in parallel and because you are a member of the council you will be the leader of the volunt

Iaf popularizationSoccerTan26 •

@ChangeOpening @UnknownSecretPlayer @SarangSule I am aware Kex, USP, Yourself, Polo, Sarang, and Pinni are a team working on this. I propose myself, UnknownSecretPlayer, and a few others work in

Iaf popularizationSarangSule •

Me too.

Iaf popularizationSoccerTan26 •

@ChangeOpening @UnknownSecretPlayer I would be glad to work with you on this topic.

Iaf popularizationUnknownSecretPlayer •

Ok sir .. now I am quite busy .. I will do it by tomorrow

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