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AntiChess players TEAM

Open for all antichess players.
Here you will be warned of possible cheaters and will be able to discuss this variant.
Location: Everywhere

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  1. Hello Antichessers Dude_Perfect

    Hi I made a team for antichess players to play in a tournament league season.

  2. Gelin gariban_kerem

  3. How To Beat Azzarrakk? Parsifal_Micado

    I can win Azzarrakk, if he is not cheater)

  4. How To Beat Azzarrakk? Jumbalika

    This works - ALWAYS! As soon as you find Azzarrakk, start beating him! LOL!! With Respect to Azzarrakk! You are one of the best Anti-Chess players :)

  5. _PurelySmart lost in this hilarious anti-chess game chesssky2

    we should do antichess tournaments for this team like private only for us

  6. _PurelySmart lost in this hilarious anti-chess game Jumbalika

  7. AntiChess players forum lichess

    Welcome to the AntiChess players forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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