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This League is for antichess players with a tournament every week. I will place the webpage on a forum. There are 52 the holiday tournaments. Whoever gets the most points wins.

1st 500pts
2nd 400pts
3rd 300pts
4th 250pts
5th 200pts
6th 100pts
7th 75pts
8th 50pts
9th 25pts
10th 20pts
11th 10pts
12th 5pts
13th 3pts
14th 1pts
15th- lower 0pts

Holiday tournaments
1st 1000pts
2nd 900pts
3rd 800pts
4th 750pts
5th 700pts
6th 600pts
7th 500pts
8th 400pts
9th 300pts
10th 250pts
11th 200pts
12th 100pts
13th 75pts
14th 50pts
15th 25pts
16th 20pts
17th 10pts
18th 5pts
19th 3pts
20th 1pt
Location: International


BeğenmekEren2561 •

Çok güzel

TournamentTheChessGuy2_0 •

When's this weeks tournament? Can I have the link to it please?

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