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Antichess Clan TEAM

The possible first ever Antichess Clan? It's pretty much like your average guild or clan in other games. :) We show compassionate behavior. Toxicity is not needed in our group, if you are a known Antichess Timeburner we will not accept you.

Thats about it, we pretty much accept all antichess players! :)

The Clan names abbreviation is: AT

Antichess Township, my favorite show Adventure Time is ending and Townes is my favorite anti player and I wanted it to contain a little bit of both :)
Location: The Core of Antichess

Forum (3)

  1. ??? TheUnknownGuyReborn

    Yes, but it is a clan. Not a team.

  2. ??? FalconPower

    What is the function of this team? It is just like every other team.

  3. Antichess Clan forum lichess

    Welcome to the Antichess Clan forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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