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achja-chess TEAM

Share chess joy and thoughts with @achja (Albert) and chess friends.
See also my old chess blog with game annotations :
Location: Holland, Europe

Forum (1868)

  1. Caro-Kann with f4 miniature achja

    @doom12384 #2 Great that you noticed that. Thanks! (That is the "risk" for me, giving annotations without checking beforehand/during with Stockfish :) ) I also saw that Stockfish suggests that whit

  2. Caro-Kann with f4 miniature doom12384

    I looked at this while you were making the study, and on move 11, you suggested Ngf3 instead of Rh2 (which you marked as a mistake). I thought the same at first, but Stockfish disagreed, and actually

  3. Caro-Kann with f4 miniature achja

    5 0 game, 1800+ opponent, 1/0/0, 15 acpl Thoughts : Game for Stockfish evaluations (blue link at bottom left) :

  4. Another Morra game achja

    Black didn't play it very well, white is better here already.

  5. Some Weekly blitz tourney games to share achja

    I just played in the weekly blitz and things were going pretty okay. 9. achja Performance 2288 Games played 16 Win rate 88% Berserk rate 0% Average opp

  6. 2000+ player falls for Caro-Kann opening trap achja

    6.Bc4 is a bad start for white, and the prelude to a nasty opening trick that you should know. After that move, black is at least equal thanks to 6...Qe7+!! (5 0 game, 2000+ opp. 5/0/0, 18 acpl) htt

  7. Hoping for a queen sac finish - fail :) achja

    @dRr0x0rZZ #2 Nice sac-ing ! :)

  8. Hoping for a queen sac finish - fail :) dRr0x0rZZ

    Still a nice finish :) I was tried something similar awhile back and had the good fortune of having it succeed:

  9. Hoping for a queen sac finish - fail :) achja

    Here, playing e5e4, I did hope for Qxh2+ Kxh2 Rh5+ Kg3 Be5# but all opponent moves prevented that, and pawn g4 needed to be defended as well by Bc8

  10. otb chess game 11 achja

    Today I played, with the black pieces, a bit nonchalant and experimental. My opponent had a better position soon, but I had some compensation here and there. Just when I thought my opponent would go

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