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156 members

achja-chess TEAM

Share chess joy and thoughts with @achja (Albert) and chess friends.
See also my old chess blog with game annotations :
Location: Holland, Europe

Forum (3585)

  1. Hello Everybody the_loving_boy

    @achja #2 Thanks for the wishes:) Yes I am a bit less depresse dthanks to music (Time of our lives by Khaled and Fell the magic in the air) But still innerly there is a bit of it. I have only a

  2. Hello Everybody achja

    @the_loving_boy #1 Good luck for your exams! And there will be Springtime again. Every year when December is finished, and January arrived, and when the sun slowly gets back, I feel like finally a

  3. Annotated game : achja - MisterDuke Tacticien

    10.d5 directly seems possible too with the same idea as in your analyze (Bxc3+? Qxc3!)

  4. Hello Everybody the_loving_boy

    Hello Everybody, As you may have seen my last post was a long time ago; and it has a reason: in 2 weeks i have semstsrer exams in Geo,history,physics,chemistry,maths,fench,english and German. As s

  5. Annotated game : achja - TENBRENANCRAGSISTAN achja

    3+2 game. 0 Inaccuracies 0 Mistakes 0 Blunders 13 Average centipawn loss Thoughts : Game (blue link) : https://lichess

  6. Annotated game : achja - MisterDuke achja

    @SlicingBishop2006 #2 Yes, indeed. Good point. After the game I noticed that Stockfish preferred Qxh8. In the game I was suddenly a bit worried about the black queen and the black bishop active in th

  7. Annotated game : achja - MisterDuke SlicingBishop2006

    Instead of 12... Bxd5?? can you take on h8, and Qxg8+ if they take on c4? Other than that, great game!!

  8. Annotated game : achja - MisterDuke achja

    5 0 game played today. 0 Inaccuracies 2 Mistakes 0 Blunders 29 Average centipawn loss Thoughts : Game (click on the blue li

  9. GM Sadler using Alpha Zero to analyse WC games dRr0x0rZZ

    This was really interesting, thanks @achja !

  10. GM Sadler using Alpha Zero to analyse WC games achja

    Interesting to watch. GM Sadler compares Alpha Zero evaluations with his own thoughts on the WC games with Carlsen and Caruana so far. (Source : https://www.schaaksite.n

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