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achja-chess TEAM

Share chess joy and thoughts with @achja (Albert) and chess friends.
See also my old chess blog with game annotations :
Location: Holland, Europe

Forum (3004)

  1. "PyChess 0.99.2 supports Lichess practice studies offline" achja

  2. Inspired by chess news reading, Bishop x h6 achja

    Today I read that GM Nepo vs. GM Giri could have had a bishop sac on h6, which was possibly promising. ( GM ann

  3. Queen grab temptation achja

    A bad game by me, throwing the win earlier, and playing mediocre. My opponent played Bxg4+ check! And after my sad king move I expected a checkmate in one here. But no ... a surprise stalemate! Th

  4. Defensive blunder - puzzle achja

    Black (2200+) to play blundered here. Played a very sensible looking move. The position is quite difficult, white is better (after being worse), but I think that it is instructive to look at this blun

  5. Improve your attack - puzzle achja

    The interesting thing about this type of attack is that very often we are taught : - First create a weakness at the kingside of your opponent - Then try to profit But ... In this case the black kin

  6. Improve your attack - puzzle achja

    Black has played Nc4 here. White to move. What would you play ? (Solution : game move).

  7. Tactics from Schaakfanaat game achja

    Solution in chapter two.

  8. Question from game (Schaakfanaat) achja

    The game move 13.c2c3 was also fine by the way. Just sharing an idea.

  9. Question from game (Schaakfanaat) achja

    Question, with my move suggestion in chapter two. Stockfish had another move suggestion, at about +4. When trying my move suggestion it quickly went to +6.

  10. A quick personal chess update (July 15, 2018) hangrad

    Chesstempo is not free, it's freemium. Harder tactics are available in books. Can you please try some tactics on lichess? They could have changed since last time you played.

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