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achja-chess TEAM

Share chess thoughts and chess joy with achja (Albert) and chess friends.
See also my chess blog with game annotations :
And my Lichess chess studies :
Location: Holland, Europe

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  1. Pretty mate in bullet game achja

    @chesslo21 #1 Nice. Very pretty checkmate finish ! :)

  2. Profit from opening mistakes. achja

    Opponent played Nd4-f5 which I found weird. During some thinking I wondered what the white plan was. After a while I guessed that white hoped for Nxe4, then Qe2, knight moves and ... Nf5-d6# checkmate

  3. Pretty mate in bullet game chesslo21

    Minor pieces mate king in middleGame!

  4. Trapping a rook in a rook ending achja

    In rook endings patience can be very important ! I was not so happy about opening and middlegame, but the rook ending was a joy, even though Stockfish pointed out a mistake I made. After a few mistak

  5. Seemingly endless king hunt game achja

    White lost a piece in the opening, but then became greedy opening lines for black. I overlooked a quicker checkmate at least once, but finally the white king was checkmated close to the black king. h

  6. Losing the middlegame, but winning the endgame achja

    Rook and pawn ending fun :

  7. Simul tactical fun! :P Eligora

    Thank you very much achja :). Some of the moves in the last part of the game may have been a bit dubious, as I was running out of time. :P Your study was very helpful!

  8. Simul tactical fun! :P achja

    My thoughts here :

  9. Confused knights :) achja

    I had the feeling that Na2+ was bad, but I liked taking the risk. After the game Stockfish indeed claimed it was not a good move, but the game was kind of fun I thought. (3 0 game, 1/2/0, 26 acpl)

  10. Simul tactical fun! :P Eligora

    I played this game against a 1926(?) rated player in a simul. Very fun game with some interesting moves. Me: 4/3/0, acpl 34. My opponent: 5/2/0, acpl 41. Anal

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