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154 members

achja-chess TEAM

Share chess joy and thoughts with @achja (Albert) and chess friends.
See also my old chess blog with game annotations :
Location: Holland, Europe

Forum (3547)

  1. Tarrasch game,enjoy! the_loving_boy Fun playing this funny move. 39 acpl:5/2/0

  2. Almost perfect game! the_loving_boy

    Thanks. Btw,i know he blundered his rook,but I still think i Hvae an easier game.

  3. Almost perfect game! hangrad

    White gave you a free rook on move 17. It's easer to play well when rook up. This game would not win the brilliance prize. Overall, you played very well, you won and received many rating points. Con

  4. Almost perfect game! the_loving_boy

    You probably remember that the last gaes posted were blunderful,right? Are you getting tired of blunders? Don't worry,i have got a game i played today. 22 acpl 0/1/0

  5. Missclick,Blundering,fake sacrefice,endgame redhorse989


  6. Missclick,Blundering,fake sacrefice,endgame the_loving_boy 108 acpl! Felt fun,eventhough too many blunders..but Fun!

  7. 30 acpl game the_loving_boy

  8. Another False Greek sacrefice-Salvage again! the_loving_boy Again,and repetiotion draw salvaging at the end!

  9. What to do when you lose due to a missclick?Go for attack! the_loving_boy

  10. Open game Larsne game Reti-Gambit

    i play two things c5 , d6 but its much theory or easy d5 bg4 and take if he plays nf3

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