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90/30 Tournament #1 TEAM

Congratulations to everyone who participated. Hope you enjoyed the tournament!

Available titles:
First Place - CM (Classical Master)
Earned: CM AdmiralA

1st: AdmiralA on 4/4 with a TB of 6.5
2nd: F_D89 on 3.5/4 with a TB of 6.0
3rd: Hasimir on 3/5 with a TB of 10

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  1. Standings Hasimir

    Another one! Sheesh! I'd better go and see what changes I need to make to my archive of the tournament.

  2. Standings Tournaments

    Updated results: 4.0 - Perfect Score 1 AdmiralA 1+0+2.5+3 (Tiebreak: 6.5) 3.5 2 F_D89 1+0+4+1 (Tiebreak: 6)* 3.0 3 Hasimir 1+2+3+4 (Tiebreak: 10) 4 Soze 0+3+1+2 (Tiebreak: 6)* 4 Tourname

  3. Standings Tournaments

    After detection of PlayForLife using computer assistance, the standings will be updated soon. Thanks for AdmiralA for pointing it out.

  4. Standings nickruesen98

    I really appreciate what you're doing for these tournaments

  5. Standings Tournaments

    OFFICIAL STANDINGS! NEW TITLES: CM (Classical Master) - AdmiralA (1st) NOTE: Titles are unofficial. RC = Rapid Champion CC = Classical Champion RM = Rapid Master CM = Classical Master CO

  6. Full PGN, analysis and annotation collection for 90+30 Tournament #1 Hasimir

    Well, this was predictable, barely an hour and already an update. The changes are: * Added CHANGELOG.txt. * Removed DS_Store files created by Mac's crap. * Removed .svn files and directories gen

  7. Full PGN, analysis and annotation collection for 90+30 Tournament #1 Hasimir

    As it appears we have finally come to the end of this tournament, albeit with the final post on standings yet to come, I can now post the full collection of PGN and related stuff. Obviously you've al

  8. Analysis of Round 4, Board 5: azuaga vs. Soze Hasimir

    Deep HIARCS 14 WCSC: [Event "90/30 Tournament #1"] [Site ""] [Date "2014.08.16"] [Round "4.5"] [White "azuaga"] [Black "Soze"] [Result "0-1"] [AnalysisConfig "Aver

  9. Analysis of Round 4, Board 4: coolpant vs. F_D89 Hasimir

    Deep HIARCS 14 WCSC: [Event "90/30 Tournament #1"] [Site ""] [Date "2014.08.17"] [Round "4.4"] [White "coolpant"] [Black "F_D89"] [Result "0-1"] [AnalysisConfig "A

  10. Round 4: Nickruesen98 vs Montanawayne Hasimir

    No problem. By the way, the analysis on your last game against Soze is processing now and when it's done all the rest get posted. So if this last game really is a forfeit then I can bundle everyth

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