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6 members

3 checks league TEAM

this is for those who like 3 checks, I will be hosting a toury and players will register in the forum. Join, so we can improve and have fun with 3 checks!
Location: 3 checks

Forum (3)

  1. Register LeonStolzz

    When will this tourney take place? If I know I will be able to plan accordingly and be able to participate.

  2. Register Googleplayer45678

    Helo all! We will like alot of players about 15 to 20 to start our offical toury! Please bring your firends and local 3 checks players. Let's make 3 checks great again! If you want to play this offic

  3. 3 checks league forum lichess

    Welcome to the 3 checks league forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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