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Game study 1 • evangipson •

  1. lichess AI (level 5) vs. Me (Queen's Pawn, Reverse Queen's Gambit?)
  1. evangipson

November Blitz Games 1 • evangipson •

  1. Me vs. Scheiguy (Sicilian, French Variation, 0-1)
  2. Sheiguy vs. Me (Caro-Kann, Knight variation, 0-1)
  3. Me vs. maco-cambodia (Symmetric English, 0-1)
  4. Me vs sajjaad (Philidor Defense, 1-0)
  1. evangipson

The Solid Caro-Kann 70 • evangipson •

  1. 1. e4 c6: The Caro-Kann
  2. 2. d4: The advance variation (spacial response)
  3. 2. Nc3: Two Knights
  4. 2. c4: Anti-Caro-Kann
  1. evangipson
  2. Pbatch23888