Tremendous Turnarounds and Classic Comebacks: Don't Stop Fighting for the Win

1 • TKSATXChad_Ambrose •
  1. Slick Alternate Smother's Mate by TKSATX_ChadAmbrose
  2. Rogue King X Hanging Bishop Diversion Sets Up Strong Kingside Attack
  3. Queen Blunder Recovery: The Rook and Knight Tango into Mate
  4. Confusion in Daneland: Crush the Rogue King before they find the counter-attack
  1. TKSATXChad_Ambrose

Opening Tricks and Other Quick Wins

1 • TKSATXChad_Ambrose •
  1. Sneaky, Unsound, Fool's Mate, Baby! by TKSATX_ChadAmbrose
  2. Kingside Reti vs Double Fiancetto: Modified Scholar's Mate by TKSATXChad_Ambrose
  3. Polish Spike Refutation Allows Fantastic Discovery Check Mating Net
  4. The Ultimate Queen + Rook Sac by TKSATXChad_Ambrose in Bullet Arena
  1. TKSATXChad_Ambrose

Sound Sacrifices and Other Brilliant Games

1 • TKSATXChad_Ambrose •
  1. En-prise queen: find the sharp drawing response or lose
  1. TKSATXCoachEd
  2. TKSATXChad_Ambrose