Speed: Bullet to Correspondence  Rating: 1000 to 2500

King's Pawn GameBETA


    1. ... e5 serves to challenge white's plan of having the center squares to themselves. Of course, just like white's e4 move, e5 opens up the diagonals for blacks Bishop and Queen. While the position is still symmetrical there are few limits to where white can take the game next. The expected move is perhaps 2. Nf3, continuing the fight for the center. A more aggressive player might also go for the King's Gambit with 2. f4. Black can take the pawn, but the gambit might allow white a quick, tactical and dangerous attack. The former world chess champion, Bobby Fischer have several great demonstrations of that opening's deadly potential. Yet, the first move you should become familiar with, is 2. Qh5, where white dreams of checkmating black with a quick Scholar's mate!