Round 8 looser's bracket

I was playing in round 8 GM FeegLood, unfortunately he told me he was withdrowing from the tournament due to personal reasons.
so I guess i move to the candidates, right? @fischyvishy

Congratulations to xuanet who is (obviously) a most worthy candidate! Also, I'm sure feeglood had compelling reasons for having to withdraw.

That said, I find it very unfortunate indeed when strong players withdraw near the end of the tournament, especially after having eliminated other strong players (though, being just a spectator, it of course shouldn't matter much what I think). Anyway, I hope the players still in the tournament will try to keep future withdrawals to a minimum.

Regarding the withdrawals at the latest stages (lets say last 2 rounds), next time I suggest giving another opportunity to the last player beaten by the one who withdrew, so even in case of withdrawal, there will be still a match played.

I'm open to suggestions because I do find that this has been a problem in this tournament; @IgorBugMate 's suggestion sounds OK.

Igor's suggestion while reasonable doesn't solve the problem of a strong withdrawing player weakening that part of the draw. There could instead next time be some way of alternates joining the tournament at a late stage. So for example if a FeegLood withdrew we could have h-bar versus Bugzilla playing for the right to take his place. The only thing is that these withdrawals should only be allowed in earlier stages or it's unfair on the players like xuanet who worked hard to play their way through to round 8 and suddenly have to face a Bugzilla just dropped in as an alternate. There's a balance that has to be found.

Yeah it's a difficult situation for sure...Having to face a strong alternate doesn't seem OK as well...

Bringing in strong alternates instead of high-seeded participants who withdrew in early stages (if possible) does not contradict returning the last guy who has lost to the one who withdrew at the later stages instead of a walkover. So Mugwort, who was the last player beaten by Feeglood, would replace him and face xuanet for the Candidates (and in case he makes his own way through the losers bracket, ciw would be the guy to replace him). Kinda complicated within the structure of double elimination, but still can be implemented, I believe, as well as @okei 's proposed idea within the early stages.