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General Chess Discussion - Why was this an automatic draw? #5

I would just like to point out the simplest technique to mate King + Queen vs King. 1. Copy your opponents King moves with your Queen untill his king has only 2 squares to which he can go (this is to…

by zannzetsu
General Chess Discussion - Why did my opponent get a win when he had only King + Bishop? #3

You are right, it is not impossible. There exist legal positions where the K+B mates the K+B+4pawns. For example

by zannzetsu
Lichess Feedback - I can't filter on the game I've lost when looking at my profile. #3

Bump. It's the first time i have seen this.

by zannzetsu
Lichess Feedback - Defense puzzles #1

Hi, Lichess' training feature is in a great state right now :D What buggs me though is when I practise tactis either on lichess or from other sources (for example figuring out how Wesley So hasn't l…

by zannzetsu
Lichess Feedback - People leaving lost games #8

I belive lichess can see the difference between high ping and just an actual disconnet. In my case it was the latter (lack of proper set of drivers) My network card would just stop working. Abandonme…

by zannzetsu
Lichess Feedback - People leaving lost games #7

Although it IS frustrating to see that you oponnet is ignoring you and has started a new game I don't belive that restraining people's choises by not letting them play multiple games at once is a good…

by zannzetsu
Lichess Feedback - People leaving lost games #4

Toutais, I don't think that is a good idea. Some time ago I suffered from frequant internet connetion losses. They lasted beteen 10-20s however I got back to the lichess server as fast as I could only…

by zannzetsu
General Chess Discussion - Players whose rating is unknown #2

An excellent suggestion Sir, I whole heartedly agree.

by zannzetsu
General Chess Discussion - Traitor chess variant #2

This sounds like a fun variant :D I'm a bit scared of the fact that it's turning a perfect information game into lots of chaos but nevertheless I'd like to play that.

by zannzetsu
Game analysis - Traxler Counterattack considered as serious mistake. #9

If you haven't seen it already this may be of some use :D

by zannzetsu