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Lichess Feedback - Inbox just lost all messages in update#18

I like the new design very much.

HSP Uni Rostock - Paul Morphy Saga#1

Der gute Antonio Radić – auf Youtube bekannt unter Agadmator: – fing gestern die Paul Morphy Saga an, in der er viele Spiele von Morphy vorstellt und analysiert.…

Lichess Feedback - How do I get the team name of a player?#1

I'd like to do some analysis of the Streamer Battle games (e.g. which team played which opening). The games/openings and results are all available via the API. But how can I get the player ↔ team asso…

HSP Uni Rostock - Studie zu den Endspielen#1

Die zu übenden Endspiele hab ich hier zusammengefasst:

Lichess Feedback - Lichess voice chat#14

It's working really great, thank you @thibault!

Lichess Feedback - Lichess voice chat#13

@LamLamer Yes, it is opt-in. Your mic isn't capturing unless you click the 📞 button.