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Search "user:rebel23"

57 posts found

Game analysis - pareggio #2

ok ti hanno già risposto in inglese

by rebel23
Lichess Feedback - Help translate Lichess #54

I'm working on ITALIAN Ragazzi diamoci da fare, perché molte traduzioni sono notevolmente migliorabili. Dobbiamo esprimere concetti nella nostra lingua, piuttosto che limitarci ad una traduzione le…

by rebel23
Game analysis - Which Knight to Capture with? #2

The explanation is all in the variant with 30..Rf7. If White keeps the Knight in h4, he can then push in f5

by rebel23
General Chess Discussion - Best Chess Players (relative to their peers) #211

François-André Danican Philidor, the first greatest modern player in history. I can not believe that many young people today have not studied his games. A supreme chess player, a great musician, a fr…

by rebel23
Game analysis - I'm very tilted #8

your moves 12 and 13 are too shy. More than a tactical error, it is a psychological error. In the Gambit of Kings you have to play bravely. I think your main mistake is to open with 1 e 4, maybe you'r…

by rebel23
Game analysis - Newbie here. Please analyze my game! #4

you play well you will go up fast 1600 and more

by rebel23
Game analysis - Steady decline. How to improve? #7

@Rob420 I tried to do "Learn from your mistakes" from your game and I understood what you meant. So: the 12 dxc5 move is not the only one on the quiz.solution. If for example you try with 12 Qd2 y…

by rebel23
Game analysis - Interesting Deflection Tactic Suggested by SF8 #4

It seems a move by Frank Marshall

by rebel23
General Chess Discussion - Grand Prix Attack #2

In the Sicilian defense the White plays f4 (1 e4 c5 2 f4 or 1 e4 c5 2 Nc3 and 3 f4)

by rebel23
General Chess Discussion - Lot of cheaters here. #38

It's true. Already a decade ago, a player from my city had become a master playing table tournaments using a small pocket computer for the blind! The news had been around the world. It had been discov…

by rebel23