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IM Eric Rosen Fan Club - Boden-Kieseritzky Gambit: Study and Video!#6

I recently won with a CM, chess trainer in 8 moves with the Stafford! Definitely interested in this one too!

General Chess Discussion - Lichess v2 is here#198

As far as the layout is concerned, v2 is much worse than the previous version. I wish we could have the previous version back or at least the chance to select versions!

General Chess Discussion - Sudden form drop#3

Thank you for this detailed feedback. Even though I started losing literally every game, I still enjoy chess very much and I can't wait to get back and play another game

General Chess Discussion - Sudden form drop#1

Hi all, I suppose this question has been asked before but I would like to ask for your opinions. From October 2018 (when my lichess account was opened) to March 2019 I was able to improve my Rap…

Off-Topic Discussion - Thanksgiving Promo#15

It would be great to receive a copy! Many thanks in advance! :)