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Lichess Feedback - Lichess forum avaible in smartphone #2

While I understand that adding a forum is a lot of work, I think it would be easy and useful to add "go to lichess website" button in the android app. When you follow a link to the forum and select "…

by mooskagh
Lichess Feedback - Pairing system faulty: much stronger players on regular basis #2

Are you talking about pairing in tournaments or about single game quick-pairing in lobby? I guess pairing in tournaments is based on the performance in that tournament rather than user rating.

by mooskagh
Lichess Feedback - [Feature request ] ⅛+0 time control #397

"Supermegaultrabullet" is 1/16. :)

by mooskagh
Lichess Feedback - [Feature request ] ⅛+0 time control #395

Or maybe at least "megaultrabullet". :)

by mooskagh
Lichess Feedback - [Feature request ] ⅛+0 time control #394

For me **ultra** sounds "stronger" than **mega**, e.g. without knowing the context "Ultrabullet" sounds more extreme bullet than "megabullet". Maybe "Extremebullet"?

by mooskagh
Lichess Feedback - Need a way to disallow adding time to my clock without my consent #1

It annoys many people though when an opponent adds time, and it's not a part of the standard chess rules. The problem is that always happens when player who gives time has a serious advantage. I d…

by mooskagh
General Chess Discussion - leela chess. #21

Leela on is much weaker even on "hard" setting. First, it uses latest network (as opposed to the strongest network that @LeelaChess uses). Second, on "hard" settings on…

by mooskagh
Lichess Feedback - Feature request: Leela Zero Bot challenge by ECO code #3

You can challenge @LeelaChess bot to play from position already.

by mooskagh