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General Chess Discussion - Share your cool lichess backgrounds! #8

I use this one: Makes me feel like I'm sitting somewhere deep in Syberia at a secret Botvinnik school bootcamp ;p

by mietk
Lichess Feedback - Lichess app not available on my mobile phone #2

Try the direct download:

by mietk
Game analysis - Philidor Defense went wrong very quickly #2

Well done for following the famous Opera game :) Obviously 7...b6 is the blunder that leads to checkmate, however 3...Bg4 is already an inferior move as your game showed. The Philidor is playable …

by mietk
General Chess Discussion - Watching Engines Play Humans?! #3

by mietk
General Chess Discussion - Chess as a Narcoleptic #15

So THAT's why my opponents have been leaving their games! I shouldn't have been so hard on them.

by mietk
General Chess Discussion - What's better than Vienna Gambit? (pro and cons of the opening) #11

I mean, if Black doesn't play d5 on move 4, you do tend to get an improved king's gambit which is very nice.

by mietk
General Chess Discussion - What's better than Vienna Gambit? (pro and cons of the opening) #9

Isn't the Vienna Gambit 1. e4 e5 2. Nc3 Nf6 3. f4? It is rather sharp and white needs to know what they're doing when black responds with the best move that is 4.. d5. Which makes it a good weapon…

by mietk
Lichess Feedback - Thanks a lot Thibault for the study! #3

And here I was thinking that thibault had lost interest as there have been few announcements lately... I am sorry for doubting you! Instant donation from me.

by mietk
General Chess Discussion - Quantum chess #1

We should totally implement this as the next variant :)

by mietk
Lichess Feedback - facebook for chatting #7

Twitch chat rooms are actually IRC channels. Once you've made a twitch account (you can use a throwaway e-mail as cynosure suggested), you can get by without ever visiting their website, just connect …

by mietk