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General Chess Discussion - how to beat stockfish AI initial levels?#4

I've played a few against stockfish 4 and it seems that it plays very well in sharp tactical positions but if you can push it down into a terrible position then it'll randomly give you pieces. For thi…

General Chess Discussion - how to beat stockfish AI initial levels?#2

Level 1 may not be good to train with. I believe you can move your queen in front of its pawns and it won't take it. That's the weird part about engines I guess, plays strong sometimes but programmed …

Off-Topic Discussion - What begins with T, finishes with T, and has T in it?#6

found 205 matches taciturnist tactilist tactinvariant tactualist taintment talbotypist tangent-cut tantamount tapotement tarantist tartaret tartest tartlet tastiest tat-tat tattiest…

General Chess Discussion - Lost 24 games out of my last 28 games#19

I feel your pain lol... I lost like 200 rating like the day before yesterday. Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself when you give away a piece and then laugh some more when you give away your que…