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Lichess Feedback - Confirmation for draw offers on mobile app (android)#1

I've been playing a lot of correspondence lately and naturally I use the 'analysis board' feature extensively. The 'offer draw' button happens to be right below the 'analysis board' button, which has…

Lichess Feedback - Can't move pieces in Study, "Practice with Computer" mode#1

I'm trying to put together a study where I can practice endgame positions vs. the engine. I've created some chapters with FENs copy-pasted from the lichess board editor, using Analysis Mode set to "P…

Lichess Feedback - Advanced search change ?#2

Same here:unable to filter advanced search results with any criteria. Also using Firefox 48.0

Lichess Feedback - Possible bug on Android App: Correspondence Challenges#1

Rated correspondence challenges appear as casuals in the "Challenges" tab of the Correspondence menu. I am unsure if they are actually being issued as casual or rated.

Lichess Feedback - Can I leave a challenge for someone who is offline? #2

I'd like to see the same feature (i.e. a "standing challenge" for correspondence which persists regardless of whether or not the challenger or "challengee" are online). I realize this doesn't di…