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Search "user:int666"

6 posts found

Three-Checks Club - Three-Checks Tournament #1 #2

Six hours of Hyper-Three-Check is madness. But I like it.

by int666
FV Variants World Cup - FV Variants World Cup forum #3

by int666
Three Check World Championship - Pairings Round of 32 players #14

int666 vs goldbeard 5-0

by int666
Lichess Feedback - lost on time with no move available #1


by int666
Three Check World Championship - Time control #2

IMO 3+2 or 5+4, something that's not bullet and not too classical.

by int666
Three Check World Championship - Three Check World Championship forum #2

We also need yearly 3check lichess tournament, monthly is max we have now.

by int666