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Lichess Feedback - Private tournament on the Tournament page #1

Could you distinguish private tournaments on the tournament listing page ( somehow, for example by changing icon color? It's frustrating to find the tournament is priva…

by hnishy
Chess960 - What is the 960 scene like on lichess? #2

Lichess currently has only one 960 tournament a day, while has 18 tournaments a day. If you want more, please add your opininon on another thread:…

by hnishy
Lichess Feedback - LONGER Chess960 events #2

+1. Though I use Lichess more often, one of reasons I use is their 10/0 960 tournaments (every four hours). Generally chess960 requires more thinking time than normal chess.

by hnishy
Lichess Feedback - Suggestion: more 960 tournaments. #8

I agree, more 960 tournaments are welcome. has three 960 tournaments every four hours (3/0 Arena, 3/0 Swiss and 10/0 Swiss), that is 18 tournaments a day. Lichess has just one, which is in…

by hnishy
日本語 Q&A - FAQ (英語版より) #1

英語版 Q&A の上位からまとめ。 Q.「平均センチポーン差」とは? A. 解析エンジン (Stockfish) の最善手の評価値とあなたの指した手の評価値の差を 1 局を通じて平均したものです。数値が小さいほどたぶん正確に指したということです。 Q. 全員のレーティング分布は? A. ここでグラフが見られます。…

by hnishy
niconico_JAPAN - 日本語 Q&A #1

日本語 Q&A 掲示板を作りましたのでお気軽にご参加ください

by hnishy
Lichess Feedback - Question: Is intentionally playing against low rated players boosting ? #9

There is another boosting effect; keeping par with equals or scraping points from better players requires very different kind of skills than beating far lower rated opponents. Some concentrate on a sm…

by hnishy
Lichess Feedback - Link to tournament calendar #3

Do you mean we shall go to the blogpost each time to see the calendar? A link is necessary somewhere on Lichess, most logically on the tournament page.

by hnishy
Lichess Feedback - Link to tournament calendar #1

I read about this new feature on Lichess blog, but can't find a link to the calendar on the tournament page. Where is it ?

by hnishy
Lichess Feedback - "20 sec for first move" restriction is too short in Chess960 #8

Now it's extended to 50 secs. Thanks for quick fix, Thibault and developers!

by hnishy