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Lichess Feedback - Puzzle Rush #33

If someone knows Scala well, I imagine implementing something and sending an unsolicited PR would be fine. To my knowledge, nobody has committed to doing any of this yet, and I don't know Scala. It mi…

by dhobsd
Lichess Feedback - Puzzle Rush #29

Please downvote puzzles that do this, and upvote puzzles that you like (or maybe even those that you don't hate), even if you don't solve them. It'd be possible to require a threshold for a puzzle to …

by dhobsd
Lichess Feedback - Puzzle Rush #26

Whether or not it affects rating points seems a little immaterial. Puzzle Rush does seem to be a reasonable way to help people work on tactic speed, but it's inaccessible without paying for it. Provid…

by dhobsd
Lichess Feedback - Is puzzle rating broken in the mobile app? #5

This has been the case for at least a month. Happens to me too on iPhone.

by dhobsd