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Lichess Feedback - Monthly Classical broken#2

+1, broken for everybody it seems. No pairings are being made.

Lichess Feedback - There is no way to make a person an editor in the studio#7

Still persisting.

Lichess Feedback - Unable to add contributor to Chess Study#2

I am also having this issue.

Lichess Feedback - Incorrect rating change displayed on activity page of profile (correspondence).#1

In the past couple weeks, I started playing correspondence. I started a lot of games, and now most of them are finishing. Between starting the games and finishing them, my rating has changed dramatica…

Lichess Feedback - Study Feature Request: Sort by popularity when searching for studies by name#1

Currently in Lichess Studies, you can sort by popularity of all studies, but not when searching for a specific study. For example, if I want to search for Queens Gambit studies, it would be awesome to…