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General Chess Discussion - The new trend on Lichess: "NO REMATCH"#32

I quote AskinAlexandria "i dont accept rematches cos i dont want you to revenge my win..." This is the only real reply. I personally choose to give a rematch after winning a game, unless somethi…

Lichess Feedback - Replacement for Thematic Tournaments 1+0#1

It would be nice if Thematic 1+0 Tournaments replaced any Hourly Bullet Arena 1+0 instead of Hourly HyperBullet Arena 1/2+0.

Lichess Feedback - Rematch button#1

Please fix the rematch button. As it is now, we have no idea when the opponent leaves. The button keeps flashing and we need to cancel and re-offer to check if the opponent is still there. Making t…

General Chess Discussion - There is a rematch button#81

@General-Advance It is hard to explain Sportsmanship with a few words. Such values need to be passed on at young age(Coach, parents etc), so to understand them in depth. (Sportsmanship)None owes…

General Chess Discussion - There is a rematch button#77

1. I believe that rating is not enough incentive to make a serious effort in our games, losing a game might be though...The decliners know that and in fear of punishment, they simply flee the scene. …