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Lichess Feedback - Suggestion: Rotate daily tournament start times.#5

For the daily variants tournaments I would support that idea. It's close to impossible for me, even on weekends, to play the atomic event, as it is 2 AM where I am (pun unintended ;-)). A monthly or e…

General Chess Discussion - What do you guys think about these new variants: One-check chess, two-check chess, capture chess, anti-capture chess#6

@achja: fully supported :-) Also Extinction Chess would be nice.

Lichess Feedback - Strange pairings in the blitz tournament#12

In that particular tournament there were only seven games at all, six by me, in all of which I had to play Black, so I have the strong feeling that colors don't play any role at all when determining n…

Lichess Feedback - Strange pairings in the blitz tournament#10

It's still the same: six times Black out of six games in an Atomic tournament: Not the best algorithm for any tournament and even worse for Atomic ;-)