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Lichess Feedback - Disconnected while playing#7

Hi Mephostophilis, I confirm you that even if I only open lichess in my browser, it is not working. Always I got a "Reconnecting" message.

Lichess Feedback - Disconnected while playing#5

It keeps on disconneting. I even tried updating Chrome, but no result. Can any of Admins please let me know if they have any idea about timing for problem solution? Thank you Cheers Vittorio

Lichess Feedback - Disconnected while playing#3

I'm using Chrome rel 18.0.1025.162 m

Lichess Feedback - Disconnected while playing#1

Dear Admins, since last version was released, I was not able to play any more. I'm disconnected every few seconds and to reconnect I have to refresh manually the page. In this conditions it is impossi…

Lichess Feedback - Big upgrade tonight (2012-04-20)#29

Hi guys, I'm using Chrome but the windows don't refresh automatically. Therefore to see if my opponent is moving I have to refresh it manually. This happens both for games and for view games or new ga…