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9 posts found

IHOP Chess Club - lichess wings #2

I have wings

by NM VTChess
Off-Topic Discussion - Best Chess Variants #303

+1 atomic, -2 antichess Bughouse: 20 ZH: 19 Antichess: 10 3 Check: 13 Atomic: 5

by NM VTChess
Off-Topic Discussion - Best Chess Variants #158

Bughouse - 20 Crazyhouse - 20 Atomic - 21 Antichess - 20 Zombie Chess - 2 Three-Check - 18 Horde - 11 Racing Kings - 16 King of the Hill - 14 Atomic +1 Racing Kings -2

by NM VTChess
Off-Topic Discussion - Best Chess Players #283

Down vote Karpov; up vote Carlsen Current Standings Mikhail Tal - 10 Magnus Carlsen - 10 Anatoly Karpov - 13 Bobby Fischer - 6 Jose Raul Capablanca - 10

by NM VTChess
Lichess Feedback - the site was being updated and froze me #2

Hi, Not sure who to complain to, but I just lost 46 rating points in a bullet game because of a site update during the middle of the game (versus Nameless). It said both players received 15 second…

by NM VTChess
Game analysis - Weird game... I don't know how I won #4

10.Qxf7+ and Nd6+ doesn't work btw

by NM VTChess
Game analysis - Question for stronger players. #4

Nb5 and b4 are the 2 moves that spring to mind, so I wouldn't say either is horrible. If I had to say why Nb5 might be better, probably the trade axb4 axb4 gives black the open a-file for future use, …

by NM VTChess
Lichess Feedback - Slightly obnoxious response from Lichess. What do you think? #24

For whatever it's worth, I definitely agree with Vegan that the wording of the reply seems to imply that $1 will get you wings, but that it's pretty cheap. Actually, I'm not sure what else the word…

by NM VTChess
General Chess Discussion - CHESSBRAHS AT 3000!!!!!! #31


by NM VTChess