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Lichess Feedback - Main page notifications, remaining time #1

Hello lichess coders, I have a rather insignificant problem, yet it bothers me. Notification says "in 2 hours" for the titled arena. When I enter the arena page, it says starts in 3 hours and 45…

by Usolando
General Chess Discussion - Why does nobody play rematch after winning first match #8

Hitting the new game button is easier and faster. Your new opponent doesn't know what openings you'll play. After you win, your rating increases, opponent's decreases. So when you win 2nd or 3r…

by Usolando
General Chess Discussion - Alexander Grischuk #11

Congrats, very good play. I wouldn't last 25 moves.

by Usolando
General Chess Discussion - GM Eric Hansen Losing His Mind (Chess RAGE) #4

lol eric is awesome nice collection @String_dogg

by Usolando
Lichess Feedback - I can see people insulting me in game chat. Does this mean I'm part of the "dark lichess"? #3

I use the dark interface all the time yet nobody has insulted me. /s

by Usolando
General Chess Discussion - 7-piece Syzygy tablebases are complete #56

Congrtas! That's fantastic! This is going to improve master level chess. For an average player like me, I can only use this if I'm too curious about a result of a top game like in the upcoming Carl…

by Usolando
General Chess Discussion - Blitz tactics speedrun and infinite puzzle game modes #2

Nice work. I couldn't stop myself and solved 170 puzzles and made 2 speedruns.

by Usolando
Lichess Feedback - 4 way chess #5

I stiill want tag team chess. 2 vs. 2 players play only 1 board. something like that: 1. William plays the first move. 1... Barry answers. 2. Wendy plays white's second move. 2... Barbara ans…

by Usolando
General Chess Discussion - Developer update: 275% improved game compression #52

With such brilliant developers, lichess is the best chess site and improving everyday. You guys are awesome!

by Usolando
Lichess Feedback - New game mode suggestion: 2 vs. 2 regular chess #1

Maybe some of you play with friends and some of you have seen this on youtube videos. It's just regular chess with teams. We got 4 players: White1, White2, Black1 and Black2. White1 plays white'…

by Usolando