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Lichess Feedback - Glitches#64

I hope the pre move problems are fixed soon because its extremely annoying to play bullet games with premoves. I so miss the old version before all these new updates. I kinda liked it the old way. :(

Lichess Feedback - Glitches#43

I will also second that. I so much liked the prior looks and the new updates are very unpleasent to work with especially in speed chess (1/0) games. I wish there was a way to revert back.

Game analysis - Is this a bug?#3

Well it sure does appear to be. Been playing here for quite sometime now but have never experienced this before. But it was kinda funny to be playing a rated game against 'myself' (which of course lat…

Game analysis - Is this a bug?#1

I was hosting a game and accidentally clicked on the hosted game only to my surprise that the game actually began with me. So I was basically playing with myself.…