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General Chess Discussion - the friends sidebar disappeared#6

This feature has been temporarily disabled . There has been a major uptick in the number of players simultaneously online and the friends box was slowing the servers down.

Lichess Feedback - Daily/correspondence tournaments#5

I'm playing in a couple of tournaments and they're more fun than I expected. This would be a wonderful addition to lichess. The 24 hour time control works well for me. ;)

General Chess Discussion - Chess is Rockland County, NY#1

Any chess players in Rockland County? We started a chess club this year! We have a bunch of regulars, and some not so regular. Both rated and social games. Ping me if you're interested! -Alex

Lichess Feedback - Schedule for Thematic Tournaments#1

I would be very interested in knowing about future thematic tournaments. Unless I'm missing something, I can only find out which opening tournaments are available on the day of. Would lichess be willi…

General Chess Discussion - How to access tournaments schedule?#8

And by "Benko's Gambit", I of course mean the "Benko Gambit". Sorry about that. :)

General Chess Discussion - How to access tournaments schedule?#7

Thanks for that link, thibault. Is there a way you can include tournaments for specific openings? For example, I'd love to have a way to practice Benko's Gambit and I'd like to know when the next Ben…