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General Chess Discussion - Cheat Infestation #63

Also, before wanting to know too much, remember everyone, that in anti-cheating and cheating detection areas not everything can be said out loud! Otherwise, the cheaters or cheating related people…

by Scarlet_Evans
Lichess Feedback - Robbed of rating. #4

"Either way, thank you for trying to help." No problem, I hope you will find your answer, even if it's not this one. (And I noticed that different topics on this forum can often quickly drop down…

by Scarlet_Evans
Lichess Feedback - Robbed of rating. #2

You should be able to see very recent history of how much points you gained and lost from puzzles, like here: Maybe the puzzles you were doing for some reason …

by Scarlet_Evans
General Chess Discussion - Impossible(Practically) to Win Generates a Win on Time Out #20

@Sarg0n "But the case mate is possible: loss/win is implemented correctly and consistently." What about the opposite, i.e. games with impossible mates? How good lichess is in recognizing dead …

by Scarlet_Evans
Lichess Feedback - [Bug] Analysis often gets broken and misses legal moves (while using cloud??) #4

@savagechess2k you mean that in some cases lichess secretly overwrites engine with tablebase and ignores the number of lines chosen by the user? I don't think this is the case - I had this problem in…

by Scarlet_Evans
Lichess Feedback - [Bug] Analysis often gets broken and misses legal moves (while using cloud??) #1

For example : Now, set position to for example 3 lines, refresh the page and try these moves: 1. g7 Kh7 2. g8=Q+ Kxg8 3. Kg6 Eve…

by Scarlet_Evans
Lichess Feedback - [Bug][Analysis] Promoting to Main Line sometimes breaks the order on moves list #1 This was one of the sub-lines (or sub-sub-), that I went into quite deeply, then decided to make it the Main Line. It resulted in the list, where we have move 3…

by Scarlet_Evans
Lichess Feedback - Why there's no separate ratings for 2+1 and faster Bullet, like 1+0? #1

I can play 3+0 Blitz games "quite fine", being around or slightly below 1500 rating, and so I can do with 2+1 Bullet, in which I reach about 1400 or higher, when I focus on only 2+1. This leads to som…

by Scarlet_Evans
Off-Topic Discussion - PLS HELP ME!!!!! #2

When in doubt - watch Suren for more lovely chess videos ;-)

by Scarlet_Evans
Game analysis - A nice friendly - amateur level #7

@thomas547 Casual, i.e. non rated game. In some languages people call it like this, for example: during some OTB tournaments, I sometimes play non-rated games with people, which in Polish we some…

by Scarlet_Evans