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Search "user:PlayingAtSchool"

41 posts found

General Chess Discussion - GM Magnus Carlsen wins fourth consecutive Lichess Titled Arena #7

You can also watch all Magnus’s games with Stockfish 9 live analysis!

by PlayingAtSchool
Lichess Feedback - Letting Time Run Out #9

What was just said about banning everyone in their first offense?

by PlayingAtSchool
General Chess Discussion - Magnus Carlsen ( DannyTheDonkey) win lichess titled arena !!! #29

This page gives a 404 error when I click it from the notifications from the homepage. Anyone else have this problem?

by PlayingAtSchool
General Chess Discussion - Prevent lag compensation at Ultra and Hyper Bullet games #24

I literally timed a 50 second ultrabullet game. Average I'm getting is 45. (Also adding the remaining time on the clocks after the game is complete)

by PlayingAtSchool
General Chess Discussion - Prevent lag compensation at Ultra and Hyper Bullet games #20

I think the 1 full second of comensation should be shortened to 200ms. Mainly because even on the fastest internet speeds, I never get less than 100ms here in the US. But yes, 30 second games shouldn'…

by PlayingAtSchool
Lichess Feedback - Unfair Defeat #14

I agarre with #13.

by PlayingAtSchool
Three Check World Championship - Round of 32 players #23

My opponent hasn't logged in for a month. Can I get a bye?

by PlayingAtSchool
General Chess Discussion - Lucky mouseslip #5

I often make an illegal move instead of a blunder, so it ends up cancelling.

by PlayingAtSchool
Game analysis - Helpmate in 4 #6

Solution: 1. Bd1! Rg6 2. Ke4 e3 3. Bf3 Re6#

by PlayingAtSchool
Lichess Feedback - No ultrabullet on the graph? #12

But there should be a way to easily tell who has the highest rating in it.

by PlayingAtSchool