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Off-Topic Discussion - Marble Race: MarbleLympics 2019 Qualifiers #3

The crowd was getting rowdy!

by MangoTownTravis
General Chess Discussion - Are there things similar to chess? #21

You could try Arimaa. It can be played with a normal chess board and pieces but works completely different. Both players rearrange the starting position of the 16 units before the game starts. https:/…

by MangoTownTravis
Off-Topic Discussion - PAPERS, PLEASE - The Short Film (2018) #2

unrelated video:

by MangoTownTravis
Off-Topic Discussion - #33

very nice! I love seeing a 10x10 board in lichess style, hoping for many more variants and many more sites like this.

by MangoTownTravis
Lichess Feedback - Suggestion: Antichess 30-move rule #15

# 11 any position with 1 white king and 1 black king is not a draw... such as saving the king to be taken last in a line of things, if my king could be taken on the last move by the enemy king. I t…

by MangoTownTravis
Lichess Feedback - Suggestion: Antichess 30-move rule #2

Great suggestion!

by MangoTownTravis
Off-Topic Discussion - Should Lichess Be A Political Movement or Party? #6

I don't know if you'll have a chance against the Global Go Congress Party. Perhaps if The National Socialist Chess Players Party and the Othello Reform Party team up then there could be a chance.

by MangoTownTravis
General Chess Discussion - Making official tournaments #4 I hope this helps in what you are trying to find.

by MangoTownTravis
General Chess Discussion - Titled Arena ! #3

I think you might be mistaking a monthly or shield tournament for a Titled Arena.

by MangoTownTravis
Lichess Feedback - Placement Chess Varient #6

I think its somewhat odd of you to say that " Placement Chess is the only variant worth playing..." It seems odd to think that in order for a popular variant to be considered, that it would need t…

by MangoTownTravis