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UnVieuxMonsieur (Aka MVL) - UnVieuxMonsieur (Aka MVL) forum#2

Hello I came here because of this game: It displays such a mastery of this pawn structure. See also this game against Aronian: Mas…

The Art of Horde Chess - Weekly Horde tournament#1

Hello I really miss a good Horde Tournament, lets say in 3/0 because I feel that when Black has a lot of time it 's too easy to win with Black. What do you guys say about organizing a weekly to…

General Chess Discussion - Cheats, cronyism and Frankenstein's Monster.#46

I dont care about cheaters. The most important thing for me is to avoid getting insulted. On FICS people are rude and mods too. On a stupid american even treatened my life. On lichess I dont…