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Game analysis - Guess The Move (Interactive Master Game Analysis) #2

This is nice. Please add more!

by ChessLivesMatter
Game analysis - Help with pawn tension and positional ideas #1 Hello, So I just finished a correspondence game (I played as black) and I was hoping to get insights from the community about moves 17 and 27. Move 17: I notic…

by ChessLivesMatter
Off-Topic Discussion - Anna Kendrick is the cutest celebrity ever #1

Change my mind

by ChessLivesMatter
Off-Topic Discussion - Pewdiepie vs T-series. #11


by ChessLivesMatter
General Chess Discussion - World Chess Championship 2018! #2

Definitely an exciting event! hope Fabi wins

by ChessLivesMatter
General Chess Discussion - 7-piece Syzygy tablebases are complete #47

Well done!

by ChessLivesMatter
Lichess Feedback - Feature Suggestion: Look at past puzzles you've completed #1

The current puzzle UI overwrites your oldest puzzle after doing a certain amount and you can't access it anymore. What if you want to go back to that puzzle sometime in the future to review the tactic…

by ChessLivesMatter