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Lichess Feedback - Can't create new game#4

Me neither, and when I try to join a game it immediately aborts.

Lichess Feedback - Lost game for leaving, but didn't leave#1

I just lost a game and 15 points for leaving my game, but I was there the whole time. I don't even think there was a temporary loss of connection. Is there any way we can find out what happened here? …

Lichess Feedback - Create a cancel draw offer button#6

I have hit it when checking to see the last move, rather than slipping from the board which is obviously quite a distance away.

Lichess Feedback - Create a cancel draw offer button#1

Currently there is no option to withdraw/cancel the offer of a draw if the button is accidentally pressed. It is very easy to slip and click "offer draw" and there should be a cancel button.

Lichess Feedback - Cannot promote to queen#4

I'm having this problem too. It has happened twice now, in 3D mode. When trying to select the queen, there is a pawn overlaying the queen and you can't select it. Really frustrating.

Lichess Feedback - Confirmation of Resignation#11

This has just happened to me, too. Terrible feature!