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Lichess Feedback - Automatically claim draw at 50 moves#7

@Alex_slow Yes and no. Article 9.3 of the FIDE handbook states that a draw due 50 moves without a capture or a pawn move should be claimed, in a similar way as with 3-fold repetition. According to art…

Lichess Feedback - Settings/ Preference to not get paired with players with lower game completion rate?#3

What determines a persons "Game completion rate" anyway? I've never run down a clock (although I've had opponents who do), and I've never disconnected from a game. Yet my percentage is 94%.

General Chess Discussion - Identical positions in the sense of castling.#12

The FIDE rules don't explicitly talk about castling rights when considering positions to be the same. Quoting from the FIDE handbook: "Positions as in (a) and (b) are considered the same, if the sa…

General Chess Discussion - Etiquette advice#2

I often decline a rematch, because I often just play a single game waiting for some code to compile, a database query to be run, or some test files to execute. By the time the game is done, I can cont…

General Chess Discussion - Rude not to give takeback?#11

I don't ask for takebacks, and I don't give them. I've disabled the setting, and I've disabled chat, so they can't even ask for it. IMO, if you cannot deal with handling the consequences of your mo…

General Chess Discussion - TOP 10 interesting facts about Magnus Carlsen#18

I do wonder, what's the point of this video? It's 10 facts about Carlsen, presented as 10 sentences of text. 10 sentences which could have been read in 30 seconds or so, or in whatever pace you want t…