Help me!

My account has been hacked and password changed, what should I do? The hacker has also sandbagged my account.

I have also now contacted thibault and lichess.

If the password changed, how'd you login?

sad excuse for sandbagging

Well, I am already logged in, and I never logged out, so I am logged in, and someone else is also logged in. If i log out, I will no longer have access to the account because I do not know the NEW password. Sad excuse for hating on someone @NoobBatter @Doofenshmirtz

Also, I dont get sandbagging (whats the point?). If you see my recent games (BEFORE THE HACKER) you would see I was on a rating push. Before spreading lies, think about what you are saying.

Edit: to clear confusion, I don't need to log in, I am automatically logged in to lichess, and I always leave my computer on, so it was never shut down, and I had the tab open.

Edit 2: Look up lichess account hacked, you will see many similar instances in archived forum threads where 10-12 bullet games are resigned on the 3rd move. All of these people think their account was hacked, my case is not an isolated case. Also, I know the password was changed because as soon as I saw I had "LOST" bullet games like that, I tried to change my password, but it kept saying my old password was incorrect.

Hm true, forgot about that login automatic. My mistake hehe. I apologize :p

I've banned your account until you and support figure it out. I could close it as well if you want.

@lovlas i would definitely not wont to close it. Is there any chance you could change my password, kick everyone logged into my accoubt off, and then email me my new password? Thank you so much for the help!