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GM Sipke Ernst

I can help you improve, but most of the work is done by you.

LocationGroningen Netherlands
RatingFIDE: 2541
Hourly rate$45
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

Hello all,

I am Sipke Ernst, an experienced Grandmaster from Groningen, the Netherlands. Mostly active as a chess coach nowadays.
Next to being a grandmaster I also have an MA in 'Dutch language in Culture'

Playing experience

As a player I had one of my best results in my career when I finished shared 1st in the Dutch Championships of 2017 (although I lost the play off eventually). Winner of many open Tournaments. My peak elo is 2606 (January 2012).

Teaching experience

Fide Trainer. Teaching chess since 2001.

Other experiences

Coach for the Dutch juniors at European and World championships.

Best skills

I spend a lot of time on improving thinking technique of my students.

Teaching methodology

I offer training sessions for ambitious players that want to take their game to the next level.
-Analysing critically your most recent games
-help building up a opening repertoire that fits with your ambitions and your playing strenght
-most important endgames
-help with setting up a study program