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NM Elijah Logozar

"I do not accept an absolute limit to my knowledge. I have a zeal to understand that refuses to die." - Emanuel Lasker

Location United States
LanguagesEnglish (US)
Hourly rate45$
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

Hi! I'm a 21-year old National Master with a 2242 USCF peak. Motivation is not an issue because I love chess as a mode of truth-seeking and appreciate chess aesthetics independent of results. This is why I was able to study chess during all of my free time during high school, even though I couldn't play many tournaments. Because the truth is important to me, I care about deeply understanding what I learn and the accuracy of my teaching methods. As I've read 100+ chess books and study empirical science and philosophy as a hobby, you can trust that I am qualified to help you improve at chess. My goal in chess is to become a GM and attempt to break records of adult improvement. I'm willing to study chess 80+ hrs per week to make it happen! As an extrovert, I deeply enjoy coaching and often go overtime during class without extra payment. I hope you enjoy working with me! Free sample lesson here:

Playing experience

1st Place: 2018 Philidelphia International (U2100)
5th Place: 2018 World Open (U2000)
1st Place: 2019 Boston Chess Congress
1st Place: 2019 National Chess Congress

I started playing chess actively when I was 13 years old, but my access to slow tournaments was restricted because I focused on chess full time at the expense of my grades. My parents didn't appreciate this and restricted tournaments to try to motivate me for school. This strategy didn't work because I enjoyed studying chess too much to need tournaments as a motivator. As a result of having almost no tournament experience, I became extremely strong at blitz chess (2588 blitz peak) without developing the right calculation habits for slow chess. I'm sure that I will adjust to slow chess with experience. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the process, as always!

Teaching experience

7 years of teaching experience. I love spreading my passion for chess! Lessons can be booked here:

Other experiences

Published 14 courses on Chessable!
I also stream sometimes:

Best skills

Opening preparation, classic games, analytic precision, effective calculation methods, and precise methodology for adult improvers. I also have a background in neurology and psychology. As an extrovert, I tend to easily connect with others - hopefully, I'll be able to inspire you too!

My perpetual chess podcast interview can be found here:

Teaching methodology

One of my main goals as a coach is to inspire and motivate you and enjoyment is very important for the process! I generally start with a personalized discussion of your chess history and goals in order to make a personalized study plan. After we have connected, I focus on whatever topics are most related to your weaknesses and personal interests. In the absence of other information, I focus on game analysis both for its own sake and as a diagnostic. While I specialize in adult improvement, children generally enjoy working with me and often get inspired to do independent study.

Public studies

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Velimirovic Attack - Files from 2018

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