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karrotspls lichess coach

Austin Earsley

Experienced tournament and scholastic teacher, 50+ ratings on Wyzant with 5 star avg.

Location Illinois, United States
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 1829, 1965 2022 2262 1838 1764
Hourly rate $40/hr, $100/3 hrs. Also accepts bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, just ask.
Availability Now accepting students
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About me

I am 26 years old. I am a full time chess coach in Chicago. I currently teach students online, locally in Chicago, as well as in Chicago public schools for the Renaissance Knights Chess Club.

Playing experience

I began taking chess seriously in 2007 when I was 16. In high school in 2008, I was the only player to beat FM Albert Chow in a 30+ board simul at Aurora Central Catholic High School. In 2009, I won the division 2 state individual championship in Illinois. I also led my team to a top 25 finish as 1st board.

In the 2 years that I played for the ICCA (Illinois Chess Coaches Association) after high school, I competed in numerous open tournaments held at high schools and accumulated a rating of 2000+.

I recently started playing tournament chess this year after a 6 year break. Through 5-6 tournaments and a performance rating of over 2000 I raised my USCF rating to 1851 and USCF blitz to 1971

Teaching experience

My coaching experience began as an unofficial coach for the Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School chess team. In the few years I coached there I helped them achieve 3 top 25 finishes in Illinois as well as a 13-0 conference record in the SWSC.

After moving to Chicago, I then decided to build a business as a chess coach. This began with tutoring chess on, where I accumulated 50+ total reviews of all 5 stars. My wyzant profile can be found here:

I was then hired to teach for the Renaissance Knights chess club where I am currently running chess programs in four different schools.

Best skills

I am especially skilled with long term students. Most of my serious chess teaching was in the form of beginners (<1000) who joined my high school chess team. Many of these students achieved ratings of 1500-1800 within 2-3 years.

Teaching methodology

My teaching philosophy begins with thoroughly learning the rules of the game including all of the intricacies of pawn promotions, castling, and en passant. Then some very basic chess strategy is necessary. Things like controlling the center of the board, developing your pieces to form an effective attack, keeping your king safe, and being aware of your opponent's threats will immensely improve a beginner's chess ability.

After this, studying chess tactics becomes crucial for the player looking to improve quickly. A mastery of chess tactics supplemented with a firm grasp of the endgame is the most effective road to chess success. Once students have a strong grasp of tactics and the endgame, we can then look into developing an opening repertoire that would be suitable for tournaments. This is the general roadmap for my teaching. In reality, I can be much more flexible to meet the demands of students and their tournament schedules.