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FM bank2010 lichess coach

FM Thanadon Kulpruethanon

Hard work is a talent-- Garry Kasparov

Location Bangkok, Thailand
Languages English, Thai
Rating FIDE: 2268, 2374 2323
Hourly rate 20$/hour, 100$/6 hours
Availability Now accepting students
Contact Send a private message

About me

Youngest FIDE Master in Thailand.

I'm currently an active chess coach in Thailand,
with a lot of experience, especially online coaching. I'm looking for a serious player who really wants to improve their chess. I have quality training materials which will help you a lot in making progress.

Playing experience

Two-time Thailand Champion
Three-time Olympiad player representing Thailand

Teaching experience

4 years private online coaching in Thailand.
With this experience, I understand each student is individual
and needs unique training to suit their style.

Other experiences

I had worked with many great coaches in different times, GM Gerhard Schebler(2535), GM Vladimir Lazarev (2522), and GM Avetik Grigoryan (2622). They all have different training style but I learned a lot from them. I went from 1900 to almost 2300 during those years. It was such a nice experience.

Best skills

I'm expert on modern tools for chess training. I work with chessbase program, strong engine, modern database and all kind of stuff, to make sure our knowledge is up to date.

I'm specialized in openings. I know a lot of openings in great details because I study opening a lot and also I need to prepared for my students. I'm good at other field too but I would say openings is my biggest strength.

Teaching methodology

I will identify the student's weakness by analyzing their games, and will review the game to eliminate them . The lesser weakness = the stronger you are!

I also help create a solid repertoire, and work on other area as well, especially calculation.

I'm always prepared. I put a lot of effort into my training. I like teaching and I make sure my students make progress :)

Public studies

How You Can Calculate Like a Master 4 • FM bank2010 •

  1. Calculation Technique
  2. Calculation Technique 2
  3. Calculation Technique 3
  1. FM bank2010

How to Beat The London System 3 • FM bank2010 •

  1. Main Position
  2. White plays 6.b3?
  3. White plays 6.Qc2!?
  4. White plays 6.Qb3 (Mainline)
  1. FM bank2010