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FM Sylvain Ravot

“Help your pieces so they can help you” - Paul Morphy

LocationLyon France
Hourly rate30 € / h
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

Sylvain RAVOT
FIDE Master
I'm 35 and a professional chess coach since 2003

Playing experience

Chess club player for 20 years
Best FIDE rating : 2300
Played in French 1st & 2nd League for 10 years
6th in the French Junior Championship in 2003
Strongest player beaten in classical time control : GM Parligras (2571)

Teaching experience

Chess coach for 15 years
Chess coach for French youth team 2014-2016
Several pupils got places 1-5 in French youth championship, including one U14 French champion in 2013
Chess coach of P-E Poulet, who became FIDE master at 18

Other experiences

I teached chess in schools (on school time) for 3 years (2007-2010), teaching to more or less 1000 children
I worked for the French magazine and website Europe Echecs (including the tactical puzzles of the website)
I worked for the French Chess Federation (videos and streaming commentaries)
I translated chesstempo in French in 2010
I worked for years for PSEJE, making teaching supports and teaching how to teach chess

Youtube videos