IM VasilijeVladacki lichess coach

IM Vaso Blesic

Probably the most talented player in the country is my student, and I did not have many students in my country, because I live in small town.

Location Serbia
Languagesserbian and english
RatingFIDE: 2396246121392376
Hourly rate10 $ per hour training game, 15-25 $ per hour for lessons, some discount for long time training
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

I am international master from Serbia Vaso Blesic with current ELO 2396, max ELO was 2426. I am 35 years old man with pharmaceutical degree on Belgrade University. I am also fide chess instructor, but I believe then I am better coach, then many chess FIDE trainers.
Sometimes I had very bad coaches when I was a kid, and slowly improved my chess skill, and after that mostly improved when I was studying alone, mostly from russian chess books.
You can contact me via email:
Skype: Vasilije Blesic
or best by telephone viber or whats up: 381 63 472 895

Playing experience

I have almost 30 years chess experience in chess competitions, I took first place in many tournaments because I am good fighter and I am good in chess psychology. For example I took twice in row Amateur Belgrade championship, twice was first in Ada tournament (summer international chess tournament in Belgrade), Usce tournament, Summer open... I also played in many club championship in Serbia, and Bosna and Hercegovina. Last international master norm I took on Gibraltar open when I drew 2 games with Super GMs (Nakamura was one of them, and with Matlakov)

Teaching experience

I started to work like teacher about 20 years ago, and I work more like sparing partner than teacher. 3 years ago I started to work with two very young and talented players, at that stage they were about 1200 players, and after this they improved a lot, especially Jovan Kisic who won national U 08 and U 10 championship, but many times he lost at the end of competitions, he was six in European rapid championship, but he lost completely won positions at final round, draw in last round would be enough for 2 place. He is 9 years old but he plays very good, and he is maybe the most talented young player in the country. I worked with his brother also, and he has some medals from national championship U10. I worked with some other kids who have more or less success, I work with Luka Ristic who also won some U08, U10, U12 championships, but not for long time period. I love to push my students, sometimes to their maximum, but I am no so strict, and love to joke with my students.
Now I am working with one Turkish girl, who knows very little English, and my current Turkish is even worse, but we understand very well on the board. You are welcome to try it will be interesting.

Other experiences

I speak English language. I understand Polish and Russian too, I can speak but I am not fluent in those 2 languages. I love to swim and play volleyball and basketball. Now I am learning Turkish too, maybe one day I will try to learn another language.

Best skills

I played almost all openings especially in my training games and know almost all type of positions, and I always try to improve my repertoire. When I am learning younger players I love to create sharper repertoire, and love to include some new variations from time to time.
For me tactics is very important especially for beginners, and you can not become good player if you do not calculate well.
Endgame is also very important, how many times you lost your edge in the endgame, maybe sometimes even lost some wining endgame, and it is the easiest part of the game.
Sometimes you do not know to play, you do not have any kind of the idea, maybe you need improve your strategical play.
I can improve your weaknesses, or maybe improve your best sides to be even better.
I do not disturb my students with so many rules, but I more love when they acquire from practice and training.

Teaching methodology

For student it is the best to send me some of their games, I am preparing lessons from the books, chess base or from mine or my students practice. When I am teaching, I prefer using lichess studies with skype audio, but sometimes it can be on some other platform or only sharing my screen on skype, and analyzing with my students. If student want I can give him homework from varies topics (I think that this is the best), but it is optional.