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IM VRabren lichess coach

IM Vladan Rabrenovic

If you really want to play better, just let me know. I know how to help you.

Location Cacak, Serbia
Languages English, Serbian
Rating FIDE: 2371, 2243
Hourly rate 1 hour - 25$; 90 min. - 35$; 2 hours - 45$
Availability Now accepting students
Contact Send a private message

About me

I’m VRabren on LIchess.
I’m Vladan Rabrenovic IM – 48 years, from Serbia.
I’m Professional Chess Trainer – officially certified FIDE Trainer, professional chess player – International master (IM), commentator.
I have more than 25 years coaching experience. I start doing this back there in 1991.
Skype: rabren1
Price for lessons are: 1 hour / 25$ (20 Eur), 90 min. / 35$ (30 Eur), 2 hours / 45$ (38 Eur).
Also, I provide supporting materials, for homework and training all in accordance with the level of student games. We can use Skype for audio lessons.

Playing experience

I start playing for my local team Borac from Cacak back there in 1980.
Since than I play league each year. So far it is 37 league for diferent clubs in Serbia. I was playing in Second League with team Kolubara from Lazarevac from 1987 to 1992, than with Stocar bank in 1995 and with Metalac from Gronji Milanovac 2011 and 2017. First league I was play for Borac – Cacak 1997-1999 and later with Metaac – Gornji Milanovac 2012 – 2016.
Best results for team Metalac – Gornji Milanovas was in 2011 on third board with 8 out of 11 games. With this result I took my first IM norm.
As young play below 14 years I was a champion of Serbia in former Republic of Yugoslavia in 1984. The same 1984 I was vice champion below 14 year in whole country at that time Yugoslavia. In 1987 I was vice champion of Republic of Serbia in a section below 18 years.
I become FIDE master in 1994, and International master in 2013.

Teaching experience

I was born 1969 in Cacak (150 km south-west from capital Belgrade) in Serbia.
My father teach me how to play chess at age 6. In the beginning I can not beat him, my own father and that I often cried because of that. I keep him every night at late hours by playing and playing new games with great wish to make some victory but was not so easy. Than after those matches my father use to say: This is not a right way. We can play like this who knows how many days, but your improvement will be so small and also will be to slow. So that why my advice for you is to take some chess book and start reading,.....everything else which comes after this is clear history,.....after three months my father stop playing against me.

So I did everything on my own from begin to the International master (IM), so that why I know how to teach others and bring them to do IM or even GM title.

I start as a coach in 1991 with young students and one of them became a champion in Serbia for section below 14 year in 1999. This was in my born town Cacak. From 1998 – 2010 I was main coach in Gornji Milanovac chess school with more than 50 children different ages. And in 2005 I start online coaching many people and my students all over the world say with great success.
I'm officially certified FIDE Trainer (FT) with a valid license.

Other experiences

I'm Electrical Engineer and Bachelor of Economics.
I worked for 11 years in the industry and after that decided to return to my true love - chess. I did this because I like to be a part of the world over the net and help different people from all over the world to improve in chess.
Also I was TV commentator for local TV station in Cacak during strong chess tournament Stocar bank in 1995 – 1998. I was doing talks and analyze of the games. This TV show lasted for 45 minutes each day during the tournament.

Best skills

Practical approach to chess work. Very analytical and beyond anything very patient. I insist on understanding the moves and positions we are working on.
Perhaps, for some time, we spend more time in order to understand a position or move, but only when we understand it only then we can implement our knowledge. Of course, a friendly relationship is implied.

Teaching methodology

If you really want to play better, just let me know. I know how to help you.

My intention is to help you to make improvement but according of your will. We must be very careful about the time and energy that you can give for chess. You must know that your limits could be set up only with your spare time for chess, nothing else.

I like to start with some kind of test for each student to see how good you are. I will make some test and give you some time to solve in different areas such as openings, middle games and endgames of course. This will help me a lot to see how strong player you are. Also I need to see some of your games played on longer time control (no less than 15 minutes per player) and also hear your comments on them, on some interesting moments during the game to see and hear how you think.

After this we can make a plan for you for next 3, 6 or 12 months of training. First we will make a plan and than talk about the speed. Of course speed, how fast you would like to go is up to you. It is up to you how often you would like to take lessons.

Also I’m very much open for you if you insist to learn and train something specific, may be some specific area. That could be some opening, than middle game plan for some kind of position, or endgames.
Than I can offer you to play training games with me for same price as coaching.
I can analyze games for you, for example, you were on some strong tournament and now you would like to have good analyze of all those games. I can do that for you but we need to speak about that and make an agreement.

Homework is provided and suitable to your capabilities and your available free time that you have for chess.