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GM Andrea Stella

Talent is just hard work

LocationMalaga Spain
LanguagesEnglish (US), español, Italiano
Hourly rate50€/hour, homework exercises and opening analysis included!
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

I am a 29-year-old Grandmaster from Italy. I currently live in Spain.
My best FIDE rating is 2512, In January 2019.
I love playing chess and travelling!

In 2015, I graduated in Economics and Finance, in 2018 I got the “Master of Science of Marketing Management” at Bocconi University in Milan.

I fluently speak
English, Spanish, and Italian.

In the following paragraphs you will find info about lessons and teaching method.

In case you would like any additional information or you have any doubts, ask me by a private message, without any obligation!

Playing experience

In 2009 I won the Italian U-20 Championship at the age of 16 and obtained the title of Master FIDE in the same year.
I obtained the title of International Master in 2011.
In 2012 I won the 4th City of Codogno Chess Tournament and in 2014 he won the 6th Paladino Memorial Tournament in Milan.
In 2017 I got the title of International Grand Master.
Also in 2017 I won the Premier League of the Catalan Team Chess Championship with the team “Colon Sabadell Chessy”.
In November of that year I won the "First International Tournament of Vignola City of Chess and the Plzen Open (Czech Republic).
In December I shared the second-third place in the absolute Championship 2017, unbeaten and half a point behind the winner.
In April 2018 I won the Premier League of Catalan Team Chess Championship with Sabadell for the second time and won the "9th International Tournament of Forni di Sopra" (undefeated) and the Oslo Chess Festival 2018.
In March 2019 I won for the third time the Premier League of Catalan Team Chess Championship with the club Sabadell.
On September 2021 I got the second place in the Premier League of the Italian Team Championship with the Club 64 Modena.

Teaching experience

Since 2009 I have been working as a chess coach. I give on-line and face-to-face chess lessons to players of all levels and ages, from amateurs to players with 2400 ELO FIDE.
I also have extensive experience in group lessons, in many clubs in various countries.
I was twice coach of the Chess Federation of the Community of Lombardy in the Italian youth championships. In December 2018 I was the second of FIDE Master Edoardo di Benedetto in the Italian U-20 Championship, helping him to win the tournament and the title of Italian U-20 champion at his early age of 16 years.
In 2019 I trained the Italian delegation at the World Youth Chess Championship U20, in New Delhi.
I have 10 years of teaching experience.

Other experiences

I wrote many articles for the Italian chess magazine "Torre e Cavallo".
I collaborated to write the article "Breaking the Hedgehog's Spines" for the Yearbook 117 (New in Chess).
I have been commentator of Italian chess championship in 2015.
I wrote many opening surveys for the New In Chess Yearbook:
I wrote the article "A new challenge to the English Defence" for the Yearbook 132 (New in Chess)
I wrote the article: "Not the Fianchetto" for the Yearbook 135 (New in Chess).
I wrote the article: "Edouard's creative pawn sac" for the Yearbook 136 (New in Chess)

I wrote the articles "The activity of the King in endgames" for the Spanish magazine, "Opposite-colored bishops and initiative" and "The mobility of the pieces" for the Spanish chess magazine "Peón de Rey".

I recorded technical videos about the rook endgames for the platform Unichess.
I recorded video lessons about long-term sacrifices:

Best skills

Opening knowledge, technique in endgames, decision-making, methods to improve calculation, positional play. I am precise and well organized.

Teaching methodology

I have deep theoretical knowledge in openings with many useful novelties to surprise the opponents. I am available lessons about openings, to build a repertoire suitable to the style of the student. I can help you to improve your strategy, seeing a wide range of tactical and strategic models on the topics that can best serve to improve your level
. I can teach you methods to improve your calculation and decision-making skills in the critical moments of the game, as well as considerably improve your technique in the endgames. If you are an expert tournament player who wants to start studying with me, it would be advisable to analyze your games in the first class, so that I can immidiately understand what are your weaknesses and what are your strengths, in order to set up an appropriate program to quickly improve your level according to your needs. At the end of the class I will be able to recommend material and assignments for an individual study. All the material of the lessons will be sent to you in a database, so that you never forget your new knowledge and so that you can see the studied material whenever you want.

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